Kimora Lee Simmons Breaks Down Ice Spice’s Show-Stealing Baby Phat Look From the Grammys

So how has it been since Sunday evening? The Internet has been going bananas about this Ice Spice look. 
Oh my god, right? I feel like I won a Grammy! It has just been crazy. I think she just looked great and amazing. Personally, I was upset that she didn’t bring home a Grammy. Regardless, she is amazing, and I just think for young people, young women in our culture, it was still a great night and she’s a great representative. So I feel very grateful, humble, and honored that she bestowed a small piece of her night for me. I’m just excited to be there like a fly on the wall. 

How long has this look for Ice Spice been in the works? How long did it take to make?It wasn’t long. I would say it was less than a few weeks. I worked with Timothy Luke, who’s a really talented stylist that I’ve worked with before.

Did your team reach out to her, or did she reach out to you? They reached out to me. I think they wanted this whole Y2K kind of style. They wanted something that was quintessentially Baby Phat. So it boasts all of the brand’s hallmarks. There’s denim, faux fur, jewelry, and it just looks fabulous. It’s the right mix of streetwear, hood, and fabulous altogether. 

I definitely felt that when I saw it. I would love to hear a bit more about the creative process behind it because it’s just so memorable. I wanted to see something that would bring in elements of Baby Phat in a modern way but still look nostalgic. I think we really achieved that. It’s our 25th anniversary this year, and the elements of my brand is this whole Y2K era. I know that “Y2K” is being thrown around like this catchphrase by everyone, but I really embody those things. It’s really just having that history for the culture—our roots in hip-hop and urban music meshing with pop culture and fashion. I think it says a lot and the look really represents all the things that make Baby Phat a brand and Kimora Lee Simmons as a person, model, and creator. I think it’s really all those things coming together, and it being on Ice Spice is just the cherry on top.

She’s the perfect ambassador for Baby Phat. It’s that whole Bronx, New York flavor, being such a cutie, and just having the right elements of being sporty and sexy. I think it was just this great culmination of these things coming together. But that whole Y2K aesthetic was the leading inspiration for the moment. It was a very collaborative process, and I think she has a very good sense of how she wants to look and what looks good on her. 

Obviously, I’ve been doing this for many years with many different artists, whether it’s working with them on a signature look or further developing their flyness. It was a great collaboration that just worked at the moment. We started this year off releasing our Baby Phat puffers again. I feel like her fan base and our clientele just aligned for this big moment for hip-hop music, hip-hop culture, and streetwear. It’s bringing that whole late ’90s and early 2000s vibe back, and I love it because it’s just so important to get it. What goes around comes around. But this shows that what comes around stays.