Hear Wet Leg Rework ‘Convincing,’ Cover Ashnikko’s ‘Daisy’ for ‘Spotify Singles’

Fresh off performing at Life Is Beautiful, Wet Leg have reworked their debut album track “Convincing” and covered Ashnikko’s “Daisy” for the British duo’s new Spotify Singles session.

Rhian Teasdale and Hester Chambers originally recorded “Convincing” along with the rest of their acclaimed debut LP, but in the band’s non-stop touring since then, the song — the lone track featuring Chambers on vocals — has taken on another life onstage; the Spotify session captures the track’s “shapeshift.”

“Most of our album was written in the depths of 2020, and right up to April 2021 when we went into the studio,” Wet Leg said in a statement. “Since live music has opened back up, we play some tracks just as they were recorded, but ‘Convincing’ is one of the songs that has gone through a little shapeshift over time as we’ve been playing gigs for the last year. This version we recorded with James [Ford, producer] leans into the more mellow and woozy world it exists in our live sets.”

Additionally, Wet Leg have shared their version of Ashnikko’s 2020 hit “Daisy,” which the band listened to frequently when recording their hit “Chaise Longue.”

“I remember going to stay with Rhian around the time we recorded Chaise with Jon McMullen and she had told me about this artist she’d been listening to loads,” Chambers said in a statement. “She sang and played ‘Daisy’ on the guitar in the morning while we had coffee. It feels like another little circle coming round in our Wet Leg world getting to make this cover.”

Wet Leg will be back on the road in Oct. when the band serves as opening act for a handful of dates on Florence and the Machine’s U.S. tour before embarking on their own headlining trek of Europe. After a few East Coast shows at the end of 2022, Wet Leg will join Harry Styles’ tour as the opening act for his Australia and Europe dates.