Joyner Lucas Stands Up for Chris Brown After Tinashe Said She Regrets Their Collab: ‘He Got an Army Behind Him’

Joyner Lucas is coming to the defense of Chris Brown after Tinashe expressed regret for collaborating with the R&B superstar nearly a decade ago.

During a recent interview on the Zach Sang Show, Tinashe, who was signed to Sony’s RCA Records from 2012 through 2019, blamed her label for adding a Chris Brown feature to her 2015 single “Player.” It’s worth noting Tinashe’s slight came after she admitted she feels embarrassed over an R. Kelly collab that also dropped in 2015.

On Sunday, Lucas hopped on social media to address Tinashe’s comments regarding Brown. In a short clip shared on Twitter and Instagram, Joyner urged “celebrity weirdos” to keep his many-time collaborator Breezy’s name out of their mouths.

“I’ma say this shit one time and I’m not gonna say it again: there will be no fucking Chris Brown slander tolerated, my n***a,” Lucas said. “I’m not talking about the fans…I’m talking about you fucking celebrity weirdos that go on these podcasts and start popping shit at my n***a for absolutely no fucking reason.”

Lucas continued, referencing Selena Gomez without naming her, “N***as making faces and shit. N***as tryna take shots, talking they little shit, saying whatever they say, trying to get a reaction. And then once a n***a react to you, then you n***as can go, ‘Oh look, see, he’s aggressive. Look, he did Rihanna.’ No, n***a, we not doing that.”