From Doja Cat To Big L, Here Are 11 Rappers Who Were Accused Of Being Devil Worshippers

Tyler the Creator

Before Tyler, the Creator became a flower boy, he was in his Goblin era, both literally and figuratively. When his second solo album, Goblin, dropped in 2011, it was bleak and uncomfortable, but most of all, it served as an honest look into the mind of the rapper. He explored themes of mental health, fame, and living under public scrutiny with graphic lyrics accompanied by dark visuals. In his music video for the dark, twisted track “Yonkers,” we saw the rapper donning blackened demon-like eyes while eating a roach and hanging himself. On his bleak, self-reflecting track, “Goblin,” Tyler rapped, “The devil doesn’t wear Prada, I’m clearly in a fucking white tee.” The rapper and his fans were immediately labeled as devil worshippers. It also didn’t help that his earlier solo music addressed similar themes, and his Odd Future cohort dropped merch adorned with occult references like “666.” When Frank Ocean’s dad sued the Blonde rapper for defamation in 2017 over a Tumblr post, he labeled Tyler a “Devil worshiper” who “only cares about selling records” in the suit. “I had ideas, an unmeasurable amount of energy and wanted to piss off/get a reaction from anyone who had ears.” Tyler said of his early career in an Instagram post. “I was 18, although a lot of these songs were made when I was 16/17.”