It’s “Blue Moon” Season for Coi Leray with new EP + Video for Single Isabel Marant

Multi-talented artist Coi Lery drops her highly awaited project titled ” Blue Moon,” her personal perspective on life.

On the EP, Coi offers intriguing lyrics, catchy and memorable hooks, and an arresting vocal tone and range, that hit just right.

With the track and related music video “Isabel Marant,” Coi introduces Blue Moon. In the video, Coi is shown underwater, glistening with blue glitter, commanding imagination like an imperious mermaid with unrivaled fashion. Her originality and creativity shine bright throughout the video. It is a beautifully artistic, visually stunning work of art.

Passionately sharing on Instagram,  “This EP, I get vulnerable. I got tired of “trying” new things and wanted to just do what I do BEST. I have a hard time with telling my story because I get wrapped up in the media narratives, however music is the best way for me to tell it. Sorry I can’t argue with yall on the internet all day. It’s my life, my story, so why not let me tell it? Shit.. at least give me a chance to. The amount of pressure I have on me in the music industry is wild. I mean, who knew I would be walking red carpets and stages with the same icons I listened to growing up. Being nominated or sitting next to ICONS on the Billboard charts in my lil 5-year run. I’m just grateful to have come this far. Just like @bustarhymes said, “who am I to judge someone who’s journey isn’t finished?” Enjoy – Coi”

Take a listen to Coi Leray’s “Blue Moon” and leave a comment below.