Is St. Louis’ High Speed Music influencing mainstream Rap?

If you have paid attention to the St. Louis rap scene over the last decade, their music is versatile, energetic, lyrical, gritty, and raw. St. Louis is home to an overwhelming amount of talent that has been long overlooked for a while now. As versatile as St. Louis Rap is, one sound in particular that has been catching the attention of and influencing many mainstream rappers is the “High Speed” sound. The earliest artists associated with the genre are St. Louis’ own BFE Res, AMR Dee Huncho, and Big Buckz Von. The High Speed sound originated in St. Louis, MO dates back to the early 2010’s, but St. Louis in general has always been known for high speed chases. The High Speed sound consists
of elements of “trap and drill” music, with a sped up instrumental, and raw lyrics centering around fast cars, tented 5% windows, high speeding or evading law enforcement. It may sound like stuff from movies or a GTA game, but high speed chases happen frequently and are a thing in St. Louis. High speed music depicts daily fast life and glorifies avoiding police pursuits.

MainStream rappers like Lil Durk, G Herbo, Polo G, PGF Nuk, and T Grizzley to name a few have dedicated songs to or mentioned high speeding in their music since the St. Louis Genre has popularized. Although St. Louis does not get its credit for originating the sound, it’s definitely influential on a mainstream level. It would be a great tribute to
see these mainstream artists work with St. Louis artist on more High Speed music.

Some reading this may frown upon St. Louis’ High Speed music and lifestyle, but in an ironic way it also exposes how much St. Louisans are racially profiled and pursued by cops on these crazy high speed chases. Even the NAACP in St. Louis stepped in to ask authorities to change their vehicle pursuit policies in an attempt to stop police chases
over petty traffic stops and minor offenses.

Whether it’s from experience or story telling, St. Louis rappers are simply telling you what goes down in St. Louis and that they are quick to high speed just as quick as police are to pull them over.

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