Heidi Webster reveals her gleaming new EP 'Night Light'

You know that feeling of comfort you get as a kid when your parents turn on your nightlight before you go to bed? Well, Los Angeles pop talent Heidi Webster has created an EP dripping with those soothing vibes. Lush, electro soundscapes paired with luminous vocals create the ideal musical experience. It is only fitting the offering be actually titled Night Light, focusing on themes of love, lust, and everything in between. 

“Neon” brilliantly shines with soaring synths and punchy percussion. Narrating the euphoric exuberance of new love, the track is as bright as the feeling itself. Its radiant energy is so vibrant and colorful, you can envision a bold neon sign flashing in your head. That glowing, infectious quality is why this addictive tune is a must-listen.

The intense smokiness of “Writing on the Wall” wraps us up in pure warmth. With moody, atmospheric arrangements and sultry vocals the tune transports you to an otherworldly place. That stunning tone and haunting melody allow her pain of longing to re-write the past to come through so clearly. The visuals are just as poignant. She wistfully stares out a car window as the city rushes by. The viewer instantly understands that sense of deep regret. At one point in the video, everything suddenly rewinds at a rapid pace. It is surreal effects like that, which make the piece so compelling.    

Concluding with “A Sky Full Of Stars,” her reinvention of a Coldplay hit is a striking end to an illuminating body of work. The cover provides that same sense of wonder the original exudes, but with a more ethereal essence. Her vocals effortlessly float over a simplistic backdrop allowing her soft sound to shine.   

Webster has an immense passion for her craft. Whether it is performing, working as a music therapist in hospice care or launching a music production company, that deep drive is always present. In this candid EP, that fierce dedication surges throughout her seductive sound. Check out the intoxicating EP now.  

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