G Herbo Says His IG Rant Wasn’t About Chris Brown After Singer Asked Funny Marco About Tense Interview With Rapper

Fans were quick to run away with Brown’s comments, speculating that there was beef between him and Herbo. The speculation ran rampant after Herbo hopped on social media and posted a video which people thought was aimed at Breezy.

“PSA—that’s a public service announcement—for the simple fact that I don’t be having nobody’s name in my mouth, especially n***as,” Herbo shared. “If you have my name in your mouth, talking to another party, a person, I hope you able to back it up.”

Herbo continued, “And I hope you tough, way tougher than me, because if I hear it, I’ma slap the fuck outta ya. I’m about to start treating n***as like the bitches they are. A lot of you n***as [are] bitches and been bitches.”