‘What the Hell Is a Blizzard?’ Trump Feigns Relatability at Dairy Queen Campaign Stop

Blending In

For a guy who loves fast food this one’s kind of surprising

Former President Donald Trump recently made headlines after promising “food for everyone!” at a Miami cafe — only to dash off without ordering a single item. On Friday, while campaigning in Iowa, he attempted to put that slip up behind him, only to find himself flabbergasted by the menu of a little known hole-in-the-wall called Dairy Queen

“What the hell is a Blizzard?” Trump exclaimed in the middle of a crowded Dairy Queen in Council Bluffs, Iowa, where he had delivered a campaign speech earlier Friday afternoon. 

The Blizzard, a concoction of soft serve and crumbled up confections, has been a staple on Dairy Queen’s menu since 1985. Trump has apparently never heard of it (he’s more of a McDonald’s guy.) 

“Everybody wants a Blizzard, what the hell is a Blizzard?” Trump asked the employees. “Can you take care of them for me? We’ll do the Blizzard thing,” he instructed. 

As he handed out frosty soft serve to fans crowded into the restaurant, Trump repeatedly asked the employees and news teams how the “fake news” was faring. “I’ll give one to ABC News,” he joked, offering a camera a little treat, “ABC fake news.” 


“Is the fake news having a good time?” He asked the gaggle of cameras gathered behind the counter. “I hope you liked the speech, a lot of passion, a lot of passion. I want to see our country brought back,” he added.

It’s not immediately clear if Trump himself partook in the frosty festivities (is he an Oreo guy? Cake Batter Cookie Dough?). The former president did take a large cup of something though — probably a Coke.