Freddie Gibbs’ Ex Destini Fox Drops Diss Track and Music Video “New Baby Mama”

The latest chapter in the beef between Freddie Gibbs and Destini Fox—a.k.a. the Fit Mami—unfolded over the weekend, with the latter dropping a new diss track aimed at her former partner and father of her child.

On Sunday, Fox made her rap debut with “New Baby Mama,” an 83-second YouTube release that samples the Notorious B.I.G.’s Ready to Die cut “Just Playing (Dreams)” and features the adult film star calling out Gibbs for various reasons. She’s also got a man playing the role of Freddie, wearing a pink bunny suit and being held on a leash.

Fit Mami opens the song by referring to Gibbs as a “bum” and detailing the beginning of their 2020 relationship, before calling Freddie a “deadbeat” dad to their child, who Mami gave birth to last year after the couple had ended their relationship.

“Let me tell you about a bum named Freddie/One day he slid up in my DM, he was beggin’ to get me/I let him shoot his shot, I never thought it’d get messy/I gave him life and this dummy turned into a deadbeat,” she raps.

In the next few lines, Destini continues to attack Freddie’s alleged bad parenting while also criticizing his skills in bed. From there, she references the 2022 incident in which Gibbs was jumped in Buffalo by a group of men who were allegedly affiliated with Benny. Fox was with Gibbs at the time of the altercation.

“I knew you was a bitch when you saw Benny the Butcher and he bitch slapped you after he took your chain and your Rolex,” she raps.

In November she linked with Benny for a photo and said she got her own chain back after losing it in the scuffle. The Griselda MC retweeted the pic writing, “Chillin like a villain.”