Ferg Pays Homage to ASAP Yams, Virgil, Takeoff, and More With New Gabby Elan Grill

After years of downplaying talk of his departure from the ASAP Mob, Ferg appears to have dropped ASAP from his moniker. There were conflicting reports in 2020 when ASAP Illz and ASAP Bari said Ferg was no longer in the crew, while ASAP Nast pushed back on the claim.

Ferg addressed the matter on “Big ASAP,” questioning how they could “kick a leader of ASAP out.” He revisited the topic again on Genius.

“That could go without being said. You can’t kick me out of something I helped build,” he explained. “I brought millions and millions of dollars and fed families through my voice and my ideas … I bring equity into the brand. I mean, that’s like the carpenter. You can’t kick the carpenter out and expect for the house to have a roof.”