Exclusive Interview: In Studio With Colin Brittain

Colin Brittain is a producer, songwriter, and instrumentalist who has worked with the biggest artists on the planet and counts millions of plays with his many productions. Recently, he unveiled his latest project, the single “SOS” by Sueco featuring Travis Barker. We had the privilege to talk to him about his new release, past projects and upcoming plans. 

Hello Colin, hyped to chat with you at ThisSongIsSoSick!

Thanks for having me!

You worked with Sueco and Travis Barker on their latest collaboration, ‘SOS’ - how was it to work with them? How did your workflow go? 

Dwilly and Sueco pretty much had the song dialed in when they brought it to me-  I redid the guitars and sort of re-envisioned the mix side of things. Travis came in later and added drums after the fact- we actually had everything mastered before he added drums! 

In the podcast Behind The Tone, you pointed out a bunch of projects and albums that you recently worked on - which one are you the most excited about? 

Really very hyped about A Day To Remember “You’re Welcome”-  that album required a massive amount of TLC and attention and I felt pretty emotionally connected to it. Also- we are working on another Papa Roach LP which I’ve been working on since August. I’ve also been working with Parson James- we have a single featuring Jojo coming out April 30th!

What are some of your past projects that you are especially proud of? 

That’s like asking to pick your favorite child- you might have a favorite but a good parent never tells :) Haha, jk for real I started a band with my friend Elisha Noll called American Teeth and we just signed to Fearless records. I’m feeling pretty proud of that right now.

Most of your work revolves around rock and heavier sounds - are you planning on experimenting with other genres?

I already do!  I’ve been working on Atlantic’s Sk8 for the last few weeks and that is way more hip hop leaning- also Parson James is definitely going for a Motown R&b meets pop- which revolves around a ton of live instruments and fun organic things.  So yea, I’m out here stretching my legs 

Let’s say an emerging artist wants to work with you, how do you filter submissions? What are some of the criteria you set while choosing who you are going to work with? 

I don’t have any other than if I love the music enough, we’ll find a way to make it work.  I’m pretty picky with my time these days, but I try to be as open as I possibly can to everything.  

Quick 5: 

Artist your recently discovered: Breakence 

Last played track on Spotify: 'At dooms gate' by mick Gordon 

Your guilty pleasure track: 'Springsteen' by Eric Church 

Best concert you have ever been to: Ryan Adams and The Cardinals 

Song or album you can’t stop streaming: 'Astronaut In The Ocean' by Masked Wolf 

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