DYLI’s Latest “Pretty Brown Hair” Unravels A Different Side Of The Young Rapper

Young and talented Hip Hop artist DYLI recently shared new details about her latest single “Pretty Brown Hair.” It seems that the multi-talented rapper was at first a bit hesitant to release the track for being distinct and unlike any work she’s done before, “At this point “Pretty Brown Hair” is the most different song in my discography. It definitely shows a different side of me,” says the 19-year-old. 

The song may convey a strong and confident attitude, but DYLI does have her share of insecurities. In fact, she reveals that music gives her superpowers and helps her become more self-assured; “Over the years I’ve learned to mask my insecurities  and sometimes it’s not as easy to love myself when I see so many beautiful people everywhere I go. I like to think that being in the studio and creating music is the most confident version of myself. I feel like the artist side of me is an alter ego. I’m thankful to be able to have that… it bleeds confidence into the rest of my life.”

DYLI’s musicality along with her magnetism and charm lures in listeners and instantly hooks them on “Pretty Brown Hair.” The single is the ultimate celebration for brunettes with its relentless beats and lyrics: “I’ve been giftin out my presence so I came through/ I been settin goals, like puttin karats on my ankle/ I don’t like to post cus they be knowin every angle/ I could play the main role/ Be his little angel.”

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