Kelly Monrow’s Music Video For “The Woman” Celebrates Female Empowerment

The Texas native, singer-songwriter Kelly Monrow, releases the music video for “The Woman,” which comes off the long-awaited debut album Scars Of Venus.  The empowering song nourishes self-esteem and reminds women that they are worthy of worship and inherently valuable.

Directed by Lanz Pierce, the clip opens with Monrow walking confidently towards the camera. In the shots that follow, girls and women of different ages and backgrounds join her to sing:  “I’ve had my share of no’s/ I make it a yes & go/ Come on and throw it on me/ It’s in my blood to survive/ Speak the truth who cares if they call me crazy/ Crazy/ (“It’s my life my choice my body baby…. Baby”)/ Without me you ain’t gonna have that baby/ Cuz I’m the woman/ Yes I am/ This is my world.”

Influenced by renowned artists such as Shania Twain, Dolly Parton, Pink, and Bonnie Raitt, Kelly Monrow brings in elements of Americana and Southern Pop/Rock music to Scars of Venus. With “The Woman,” she flawlessly exhibits amour-propre and self-acceptance, depicting the various faces of women, from the kind and delicate to the strong and powerful.

Monrow makes a powerful debut with Scars of Venus, which is a 12-track record that includes songs like “Savage,” “Down Your Spine,” “Wounds,” “Go For Gold,” “Wake Up,” “Pain Turns To Love,” and “Mama Said.” Before the release of the new album, Monrow had shared the 2021 EP Pronoia, comprising the three tracks “Wide Open,” “Either Way,” and “Not If You Stay.”

Watch the music video for “The Woman” on YouTube:

Listen to the full Scars of Venus album here: