Dess Dior gives effortless cool on new single, “IT BITCH Freestyle” [Video]

Emerging rapper Dess Dior showcases her smooth bars and “It girl” demeanor on latest release, “IT BITCH Freestyle.” The accompanying music video is casual and collected as she raps in a dimly lit studio while wearing a white tank, camouflage cargo pants, and jewelry. 

“IT BITCH Freestyle” has a bass-ridden trap beat that accentuates her rhythmic flow. She is confident with a nonchalant attitude. She raps, “They love my aesthetic, don’t need no edit, these bitches gotta give me my credit.” With each verse, she gives the camera a smize that reassures haters that she is the next big thing. The beginning of the visual features a quick appearance by Saucy Santana and an energetic ad lib expressing, “I think I want to go by ‘The rawest’ ’cause I’m really raw.”

Dess Dior has cultivated a significant following on social media while promoting herself as not only a rapper but a content creator and fashionista. While her Instagram presence appears as an influencer, her music proves she is an emerging rapper worthy of mainstream success. Dior has the look, flow, and energy to place herself next to hip-hop heavy hitters, such as Saweetie, Cardi B, and Megan Thee Stallion. 

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