Chuuwee is the “Immortal” [Video]

Sacramento rapper Chuuwee‘s new track “Immortal” is the first single off his upcoming album titled Dio. The album is set to release on November 4th. The song is produced by Zeon who crafts a brooding and punchy soundscape for the Sac-town emcee to paint verbal pictures over.

As usual, Chuuwee leaves no stone unturned with his smooth flow and unfiltered style of songwriting. He is still in the stream-of-consciousness zone where he puts words and schemes together in his own unique way. Lines like  “I still got a mask like I’m dodging Corona/I still got a  Dodge that I drive like a Corolla/I still got a tax, I’m dodging these quotas/ /I still want my bitch to show up in  Daytonas” gives listeners a glimpse into his thought processes and the fun doesn’t end there.

He sounds pretty comfortable over the beat and gives quite an energetic performance reminding us that he hasn’t lost a pep in his step despite the huge amounts of material he puts out every other month.

The visual for the record has an unusual DIY feel and follows Chuuwee as he traverses through the highways and woods. The hilarious visual effects also adds to the weirdness and makes it entertaining from start to finish.

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