Sean Watson Graham turns the page in “Your Life Is a Story” [Video]

Sean Watson Graham’s debut single “Your Life Is a Story” doesn’t leave anything to mystery. And in a year seemingly filled with unknowns, I’d wager that’s a relief to most. This latest indie-folk release is a simple permission slip for listeners to close that prolonged chapter in their lives and turn the page afresh.


You needn’t look further than Graham’s earlier artist days to pinpoint inspiration for this tune and the chapter he's turning from. His first band Modern Space was signed with only their demo but in the end didn’t last. Cut to Graham starting again in his Toronto basecamp.

“Your Life Is a Story” is a fast-paced, uplifting ditty that lays out the tough times but rejoices in the freedom that follows via chorale harmonies. The music video is a lot of draining whiskey until the string lights come on and Graham just strums his heart out in a darkened corridor - embracing the light in what was a dismal setting. It’s okay to move onward, so says Graham about the track, “you can leave the past behind and start fresh, as yourself." Considering Graham's story, the single is a clear chronicle of his journey in music thus far. 

Armed with the philosophy of starting anew, Graham is writing his debut EP that he describes as the most organic work he’s created. "Your Life Is a Story", with all its autobiographical inspiration, certainly follows that course. 

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