Chung shares debut EP 'Chung Shui'

Montreal-based rapper Chung is slowly carving her path as an emcee to be reckoned with. She has been dropping quality records and visuals to keep her momentum going and now she has curated her debut EP Chung Shui. The EP is produced by her longtime producer/collaborator Cotola who concocts dark, cinematic sounds for the soft-voiced emcee who effortlessly commands attention with every bar. 

Chung Shui opens up on a scenic note with the title track featuring dancehall singer King Shadrock who provides a rousing chorus juxtaposed against Chung's laidback confident style. While her moniker was partly inspired by Chun Li from the Street Fighter franchise and Chung's facial features, the producer Cotola throws in a vocal sample from an obscure Kung fu flick that further reinforces the name. It's a befitting introduction to the rapper with lines like " I put my muscle in, watch who you flexing on/You know Chung, Chung don't ever leave her weapon home/ I use every obstacle as a stepping stone." This is followed by the previously released "High Waves," a soulfully dreamy track ripe with pure braggadocios lines that would make hip-hop heads smile.

Next up is the crime caper "So Explicit" where Chung takes us deep into the underbelly of the streets over a drumless ominous soundscape. On "Love Roller Coaster" and "Next To Pop," Chung teams up with vocalist Kyilah and rapper  Boy6lue respectively. The former is a heartfelt tale of undying love between her and her main man while the latter is an exquisite display of verbal prowess from two talented rappers. The EP closes out with more lyrical jousting from Chung on the tracks "Back and I'm Bad" and "7030," bringing the chemistry between her and producer Cotola to a climax.  Chung Shui is short but gets the job done on its own merits from the tight cohesive sounds and distinct gritty aesthetic that lovers of hardcore rap music would savor.

Find out more about Chung on her Linktree. and watch the video for "Next To Pop" featuring Boy6lue below.

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