Cam’ron on Repairing His Friendship With Mase, Says Jadakiss Was Going to Be Original ‘It Is What It Is’ Co-host

“We reconciled maybe a little over a year ago,” said Cam. “Mase actually helped me get my first record deal ever, and it was kind of my fault that we was beefing. I was going hard at him for years, pause, and saying a bunch of slick shit. So when we got cool again, I just wanted him to know that all that shit was dead for me.”

He continued, “I just wanted to gain his trust back because I don’t want him to think that I could flip out again. I’m a grown man now. I can look back because I’m old enough to say that’s maybe what I was going through because he just left and was like, fuck everybody—not fuck everybody, but he was following his path of what he needed to do, and I didn’t recognize that at the time.”

The Dipset leader also revealed that Jadakiss was supposed to be the original co-host of It Is What It Is. However, due to busy schedules, the dream pairing never came to light, and Mase took it upon himself to join forces and work with Cam on the show.