Busta Rhymes Names His Top Five Rappers, Torn Between Kendrick Lamar and J. Cole

Busta Rhymes has revealed who’s in his top five, and he thinks J. Cole and Kendrick Lamar are making a strong claim at the top spot.

During an interview on Amazon Music’s +44 Podcast, Busta went through his list of top five greatest rappers of all time. According to Busta, Rakim, Nas and Eminem are automatic entries. 

“Greatest rapper ever? I don’t think I have one,” Busta said. “I could say five. Rakim. Some might disagree with me but Nas. I would say Eminem. I’m starting to feel like there some new guys that are starting to go into that list to me. I’m almost there with J. Cole but I’m still torn between him and Kendrick.”

He continued, “I’m talking about only bars! If Kendrick was to get active in the same way that Cole is being active, it would be a way different conversation but again, I’m torn between Cole and Kendrick, but it would be one of them two.”