Brismoneyy: The Rising Bronx Artist Releases New EP ‘Elegua Child’

Growing up in the Bronx, Brismoneyy was influenced by the realness of the streets and the sight of hustle. From understanding, how to move correctly and the immersion of Hip-Hop culture, his New York accent is proudly on display in his bars. After playing around in the studio, a friend of Brismoneyy’s recommended that he take it seriously, but rejected the notion, continuing to pursue music as a hobby. Over a year later, in 2017, he dropped his very first song and never looked back.

Determined to make strides in the music industry, Brismoneyy decided not to wait on anyone to validate his talent, instead, he created his own label, Always Chasing Chicken, LLC. After doing his research on the music business, Brismoneyy understood that he would reap the benefits of working for himself. Playing his cards right, the rapper got a business loan, and insurance, and can now sign any rising talent he deems gifted. Though he is currently signed to himself, Brismoneyy is looking to expand his brand with a major partnership, joint venture, and his own reality show.

As the world continues to get to know him, Brismoneyy’s priority is his fans. The rapper released his new EP, titled Elegua Child. The project has a total of 4 songs, including one titled “Newark”, as well as features from two American artists and one artist from the Dominican Republic. With new music out, Brismoneyy wants to impart wisdom to his followers, saying, “keep working. Don’t stop stacking your money for a rainy day, it can save you. And, also don’t quit now when [tomorrow] might be the day you’ll win.”

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