Bones Soaks Alternative-Metal Sounds In New Millenia Influences On New Single “Face It”

Skilled singer-songwriter and metal artist Bones has just dropped a new song titled “Face It,” a bold demonstration of his incredible musicianship and fine taste for what works and what doesn’t in the very specific metal genre. Bringing innovation, a rough vocal-range and quick triggering lyrics to his unique sound, Bones explores and shares his experiments on this near-perfect sonic design that simply shows his dedication and unmatchable talent. Released via his label Bones music, the song is released alongside a powerful music video, shot in 4K and available on YouTube. Bones is on a mission to share his view of the world and of the human experience on earth through his own lens, almost impossible to categorize or limit in any way. Free and rebellious, his nature helps him face things the way they are, never straining for effect and yet full of nuances and subtleties. Unlike most who simply follow what the crowds want to hear, Bones accompanies listeners into a new world, with influences like Avenged Sevenfold, Megadeth, and Rob Zombie, but with the everlasting attitude similar to acts such as Pantera, Eminem, and Rage Against the Machine.

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