Blueface and Chrisean Rock Reunite, Jaidyn Alexis Calls Out Rapper for Being a ‘Deadbeat’

Alexis fired back even more shots and claimed her “baby momma” title was in question and called Blueface “a narcissist, a liar and a weirdo.” She then began mentioning her come-up with Blueface alongside Chrisean Rock’s journey, and said there was no comparison between the two.

“They only believed in u bc u had some to show for it I worked two jobs and walked to work while he sat n sold weed at my momma house cut the shit on me,” Alexis said. “I walked to work to save a dollar so he could sell a dime damn I was dumb my bad y’all. He forgot I’m him in girl form we can go tit for tat bae 10 yrs I got sum to show for hoe.”