Bleu Levees puts his psyche on display with new single, “Switch the Knob” [VIDEO]

Emerging rapper Bleu Levees’ latest release combines the basic fundamentals of a successful hip-hop track with aesthetically pleasing visuals. “Switch the Knob” gives us a catchy chorus and strong animated bars. The accompanying music video explores the mind of the rapper with a minimalist approach to visuals.

“Switch the Knob” has a mellow trap beat equipped with bass and rhythmic verses. Levees’ style is fast yet enunciated. The track sounds like a carefree club hit but a deeper meaning lives within each bar. The rapper casually describes his journey with his mental health. The music video complements the song’s theme with a psychiatric undertone. Levees is dressed in a white lab coat and medical gloves while spitting each verse. Intermittent cuts to choreography give the viewer quick glimpses inside his mind.

Levees’ vulnerability on this track is admirable and refreshing. He describes his creative process, “At a young age, and even now, I would struggle with my emotions, thoughts, and anxiety. Music definitely helps me regulate it.” Across his discography, he has kept mental health as a main theme. We can anticipate more new music from the progressive rapper in the near future while continuing to balance intellectual raps with an easy-going sound.

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