Beyoncé’s Publicist Jabs at Erykah Badu With Video Montage of Bey in Braids

Her response comes after Erykah reacted to the Queen B’s artwork for Cowboy Carter, which shows her holding a cigar, wearing long beaded braids, and a sash that reads, “act ii BEYINCÉ.” Badu wrote “Hmmm” on her IG Story, later following it up with a tweet.

“To Jay Z. Say somethin Jay. You gone let this woman and these bees do this to me??” she wrote, followed by a smiling emoji.

It does seem that Badu has had an issue with Beyoncé biting her style, both with the braids and the oversized top hat. Badu noticed that Beyoncé donned the headwear during her Renaissance tour, which also prompted a “Hmm” from Badu last summer.

But it appears that the “Tyrone” singer was joking. If you look at her liked posts on X, she favorited a tweet that says, “Yeah but folks go too far. Dragging her in the name of Bey is insane.” Badu also liked tweets from Beyoncé fans, including one that says, “Also who thinks of BaDont when you think of beaded braids?!”