ASAP Rocky Stars in Ad for Rihanna’s Fenty Skin Lux Balm

“Flossy, glossy, Nah, bitch, this ain’t lip gloss / Lux Balm up in my palm / New collab’ with my baby mom,” Rocky rapped on the Pharrell Williams-produced song, where he teased the Lux Balm early on.

Around the time of the song’s release, Rocky spoke to Complex about potentially working with Rihanna on new music, as the couple only shares one single, the “Cockiness (Love It)” remix. Rihanna’s also been the muse in the Harlem rapper’s music videos “Fashion Killa” and “D.M.B.”

“I’m always down to collab with my partner, man,” he told Complex. “She’s a phenomenal creative. Yeah, there’s a lot of things we’re going to collaborate on, from products for children, there’s a lot of things to look forward to.”

When asked again during his Puma x F1 launch last November, Rocky declared that their best collaboration is their “beautiful angels,” RZA and Riot Rose.

“If me and my lady was to collab what could we team up and just fucking just smash and go crazy on?” Rocky asked. “I think we do a real great job at collaborating and making children. I think that’s our best creation so far.”