Aries delivers fun new track and visuals for “KIDS ON MOLLY” [Video]

Aries, the LA-based singer, songwriter, director, editor, and all-around creative force has been on a tear with a string of impressive singles. After the release of his debut EP, WELCOME HOME, Aries has been looking to cultivate a new sound, separate from that era. His singles, “FOOLS GOLD,” “CONVERSATIONS,” and “DITTO” have done just that, delving into a sound revolving around rock, experimentation, pop, and some distortion. Aries continues this exciting run with his newest single, “KIDS ON MOLLY,” which boasts mainstream appeal while still having Aries’ unique sound.

“KIDS ON MOLLY” opens with a clean and gentle guitar, quickly overtaken by a distorted guitar riff. That guitar riff, some rock-infused drums, and plenty of ear candy carry much of the production. It’s relatively simple, but each listen uncovers a new layer of sounds that add to the overall track. Vocally, Aries belts out the choruses, while switching up the intensity for the verses. Lyrically, Aries takes us into a world that is falling apart, yet filled with youthful energy. There's a sense of carefree fun felt throughout the track, regardless of the issues that may surround. Altogether, it’s a really great track, perfect for when you just want to let go and have some fun.

Along with the single comes a new music video, created by Mattias Russo-Larsson and Aries. The sentiments of the track — youthful energy, fun, and partying — are brought to life in the visuals. Aries dances, races his friends in carts, and runs around a burning set. It’s an exciting and constantly engaging watch filled with seamless editing, creative sets, and high energy.

Aries never fails to impress, whether with his boundary-pushing sound or his unique and creative visuals. Each offering always feels fresh and sheds more light on the world that Aries strives to create with his work. “KIDS ON MOLLY” is no exception, and confidently looks to stand on the top of the pyramid as his best work yet.


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