Anderson .Paak Enlists Noname for ‘Lockdown’ Remix

Anderson .Paak has dropped a remix of his protest song “Lockdown,” with a verse featuring Noname.

The Chicago rapper takes her verse nearly two minutes into the track. “Uh, maybe this round two/Government cinematic, American drive-through/Eat their apple pie in the mornin’ and bury the strange fruit/Then marry the strange fruit and call it the Black love,” she raps. “So when he bleeds, I bleed the sacred riddle/Had no money I can make some so the cops get little/We seen ’em murder the indigenous, the passage middle/The Constitution, a life for a bag of Skittles?”

Later, she references activist and former Black Panther and the Black Liberation Army member Assata Shakur: “And if you need, I’ll read Assata with you/And if you’re rich, I pray to God, forgive you.”

.Paak released “Lockdown” in June, a track about police brutality and racial injustice. The video featured his son Soul Rasheed, Jack Rock, Syd of the Internet, Andra Day, Sir and others. The rapper made donations to Action Bail Fund L.A., Atlanta Solidarity Fund and Albany Bail & Safety Fund for Black Lives.

Earlier this summer, Noname dropped “Song 33,” referencing the killings of George Floyd and Black Lives Matter activist Oluwatoyin Salau. She posted the “Lockdown” remix on her Instagram, writing “AN AFRICAN LIBERATION IS READY TO TAKE ARMS!!!”