A Different Generation, A Different Artist

Nowadays, when people talk about Hip-Hop music, they will most likely think about topics related to gang violence, drugs, girls, cars, etc. However, this Asian Canadian rapper is going to change people’s stereotypical thoughts on Hip-Hop music. Introducing BIG BOMB, a 17-year-old rapper/producer. Although his family does not have any music-related background, music still becomes a massive part of his life. BOMB starts to learn how to produce music at a young age. However, at that time BOMB do not have any connection to any rappers who can rap on his beats, so BOMB decided to rap on his beats and slowly fell in love with rap music. A lot of rappers and producers have influenced BOMB, such as J. Cole, Joey Badass, Kendrick Lamar, Metro Boomin, etc. In his latest single Good & Nah, is not that difficult to notice the production is similar to Metro Boomin’s style of production. In addition, those rappers who influenced BOMB are most likely to talk about sociology and life, it reflected in BOMB’s lyrics. Furthermore, the true reason why BOMB still keeps going on this path is that he did realize his life has a lot of problems and issues, no matter is suffering from depression, the pressure that his parents put on him, etc. he found out that music can be a method to express himself and to affect other who are also suffering those same issues. Thus, he decides to help others and himself using music since everybody says that music is the best therapy.

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