2Pac’s Alleged Killer Keefe D Too Dangerous to Be Granted Bail, According to Prosecutors

Duane “Keefe D” Davis’ request to be freed from prison before his trial has been receiving some heat as prosecutors state he’s too dangerous. 

Last week, Davis’ lawyers asked for him to be released from custody on his own recognizance before his June trial. If that request can’t be granted, they will push to have his bail set no higher than $100,000. 

According to court documents obtained by TMZ, prosecutors believe Davis’ request is out of line and gave reasons why he shouldn’t be let out before the trial. Some of those reasons include him being a former high-ranking member of the South Side Compton Crips, all the times he spoke about 2Pac‘s murder and his involvement, and the threats he allegedly made to witnesses while in custody.

Prosecutors continue to claim there’s enough evidence to prove Davis orchestrated the 1996 murder. With all that together, the state of Nevada wants the court to keep Davis in prison until the start of the trial.

Last month, Davis pled not guilty to his involvement in 2Pac’s death. He had already appeared in court two different times, but his attorney didn’t show up.

Earlier this month, 2Pac’s biological father, Billy Garland, shared his thoughts on Davis in an interview with The Art of Dialogue. According to Garland, Davis was being used

“He’s always been a tool, and there’s just time that they used him for what they wanted to use him,” he said. “Because if you couldn’t see if it was the government, the justice department, the LAPD, the Las Vegas Police Department, and several other entities… Anytime a Black man gets strong that has the potential to lead other Black people, he’s not gonna survive.”