Zedd Teases Long-Awaited New Album

It will be five years in 2020 since we last got an album from Zedd. But thankfully, the wait should soon be over.

Of course, it’s not like the German/Russian producer hasn’t been putting out a ton of music since True Colors. He’s been pumping out some of his most commercially successful material of all time, with hits like “The Middle” with Maren Morris & Grey, “Happy Now” with Elley Duhé, and “Stay” with Alesia Cara.

All that taken into consideration, we’ve still missed the overall visions that Zedd has presented with his long plays. His debut Clarity needs no introduction, and his follow up True Colors was a flawless foray into pop from the electro world.

Now, he’s doing majority pop work. But we all thought he was going that direction for True Colors with the lead single, “I Want You To Know” with Selena Gomez, and he ended up having some bangers on that one, too. So what could Album 3 be like?

Who knows, really, but it seems that Zedd is finally prepared to start rolling it out.

The timeline here is probably the biggest unknown, but the smart money is looking at a 2020 release. The other question is whether these singles over the past four years will be a part of it, or if he’ll be starting from scratch, so to speak.

Stay tuned for more news on Zedd and album 3 as it comes out!



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