Zedd Teases Collab with Martin Garrix & The Hype Is Real

Many producers and personalities, celebrities, and athletes like to shitpost on social media from time to time. It keeps things fresh and lets followers know that it’s a real person behind the account, not just a marketing platform for their new single. That being said, there’s a definite strategy to the bigger accounts, even when it comes to shitposting, and nothing is really ever done without a purpose. I include this preface because Zedd just shared a new post across all of his social media channels: “ANYONE DOWN FOR A ZEDD X @MARTINGARRIX COLLAB?!”

Um… say what??!

The post really came out of nowhere, as Zedd and Martin Garrix were apparently spending a lot of time together in Indonesia, both relaxing and at some show.

This is really the first we’ve heard of a potential collaboration between the two, though not the first time, or even the second or third, that they’ve appeared behind the decks together.

Check out the post below, also shared on Zedd’s Facebook and Instagram, and let us know what you think of this pairing.


Photo Credit: Wolf Productions

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