Zandy Storm knows the “Only Up From Here” [Video]

Rising emerging pop artist Zandy Storm shares the official video of her new single "Only Up From Here." The heartfelt pop song is an emotional ballad about having the drive to push on regardless of the obstacles ahead and around. Armed with a sublime vocal tone and the writing assistant of Chris Rosa who helps pen a relatable and heartwarming track, Storm really delivers a gripping and melodic performance over the soothing production provided by Grammy-nominated producer and engineer, Chris Rosa. Storm's angelic vocals take center stage as the soft keys slowly build up into the fervor on the chorus section.

The visual has a retro and classic pop aesthetic and makes use of performance shots of the artist. It's focused on Storm for the most part and strays from the over-produced and special effects-laden videos that populate the airwaves. using shots of the creative process between her and the producer, viewers are afforded a glimpse into her world as an artist.

Zandy Storm is a singer originally from the Philippines and once auditioned for the Philippine Idol during the early phases of her career. She is currently based in Minnesota with her family.  She recently won  last year's Singing for the World competition organized by the Uplive app. You can download the app here.

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