Zack Bia Connects With Teezo Touchdown on “Damn!”

Zack Bia is closing the week with new music.

Amid his busy touring schedule, the DJ/record executive returned Thursday night with “Damn!”—an infectious house single featuring Teezo Touchdown. Bia began hyping the song on his socials last week, sharing a few song snippets and behind-the-scenes looks at its accompanying video.

“Goddamn, don’t act like you ain’t lookin’ when you are/I won’t pretend, tell you I’ve been watching you from afar,” Teezo says on the track. “You are a 10 and I wanna be wherever you are/Goddamn, don’t act like you ain’t lookin’ when you are.”

The visual, which will premiere at noon ET on Friday, was directed by Bia’s little brother, Elan Bia, and will feature cameos by the siblings’ close friends and collaborators, including Cole Bennett and Kerwin Frost.