Yxng Bane Returns With Surprise ‘Colossal’ Mixtape

Returning after an extended hiatus, Yxng Bane has dropped off a surprise new mixtape, Colossal. This is the East London rhymer’s first release since “Bruk Down” with DoRoad and his first full-length project since 2020’s Quarantine: The Lockdown Files.

Sticking squarely to the mixtape philosophy, he’s eschewed the usual streaming services, instead opting to put the new project on SoundCloud and YouTube—just like old times. At just eight tracks, including an intro and outro, it’s certainly lean, but there’s not a wasted moment. Ray BLK features on “Times Like This”, shining next to—but not eclipsing—a refreshed and rejuvenated Yxng Bane.