YouTube Finally Adds Credit To Over Half a Billion Videos

Ever watch a music video on YouTube and wonder who wrote, produced or released the music? YouTube now has the answers for over half a billion videos… and counting.

YouTube “Music in this video,” a new menu that shows song credits on videos with music. Now, all videos with music will have artist, songwriter, label and publisher credits. YouTube has added credits to over half a billion videos with music currently on the site. Plus, credits will be accessible for all future videos with music.

YouTube follows in Spotify‘s footsteps—the streaming service back in February. “Music in this video” will be apart of all videos on YouTube. So, if any video features “Animals” by Martin Garrix, the song’s full credits will be listed underneath the video. This makes YouTube the first-ever site to have credits listed under fan videos. “Music in this video” will be accessible by clicking “Show more” underneath a video. Aside from credits, the menu will also include links to the original artist’s YouTube channel and official music video, when applicable.

YouTube is making all this possible by harnessing data from two sources. First, the data comes from Content ID, a portal where copyright owners can identify their intellectual property on YouTube. Second, the data comes from YouTube’s partnerships with record labels, music publishers and music rights societies.

“Music in this video” is now available on all YouTube videos now. Check out the below gif to see how it works:

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