Your EDM Premiere: Steerner – I Wouldn't Lie

There are a couple ways to get me interested in music. The first, obviously, it to simply make good music. Another is to make me think of it in context of other music and produce a feeling of nostalgia; such is the case with Steerner’s new track “I Wouldn’t Lie,” out today.

“I Wouldn’t Lie” is characterized by a strong vocal performance and infectious melody, falling squarely in future bass-slash-ballad territory. But what really stands out to me, and maybe this is just me, is that the crooning “I wouldn’t lie!” sounds a whole lot like “I wanna know!” from “Strangers Like Me,” from the Tarzan soundtrack.

Some might remark, “What? That’s it?” But for me, it makes the track instantly memorable by attaching the memory to something already established. However good the track was before, and “I Wouldn’t Lie” is definitely good, is amplified when in the lens of nostalgia.

Maybe this track will connect with you in a different way, or maybe you’ll appreciate it more on the surface level… however you choose to enjoy Steerner’s new single, just make sure you’re dancing.

Steerner – I Wouldn’t Lie

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