Your EDM Premiere: Rezz x 13 – DRUGS! (ZEKE BEATS Remix)

Rezz probably knew she had a hit on her hands when she and 13 were coming up for the idea for “DRUGS!” off her debut album, Mass Manipulation. The dark and glitchy, unrelenting bass monster of a track isn’t particularly suited for at-home listening, but it can sure tear up a club sound system.

That being said, ZEKE BEATS took “DRUGS!” and changed the rhythm, added a few synths and bass notes, messed with the vibe, and came back with this bouncy, devilish tune that lends itself much more to home listening… though don’t get it twisted, the bass is still enough to rattle your chest at a show.

The first half of the remix is definitely within that midtempo, weird genre classification that is so hard to define. The second half becomes decidedly more glitchy, adding even more synths in between kicks. Check it all out below, and grab the free download if you dig it!

Rezz x 13 – DRUGS! (ZEKE BEATS Remix)

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