Your EDM Premiere: Joker – Mad Night (Stylust & Outsider Remix)

If you’re a fan of the “purple” variety of dubstep, then you’re probably already a huge fan of UK bass artist Joker. His 2017 single “Mad Night” is right up there in quality with some of his best works, and it just got a massive upgrade from Stylust & Outsider.

The original should have proven already difficult enough to improve upon, but Stylust & Outsider definitely put their own unique spin on the piece. Adding additional bass and percussion elements, along with modifying the entire rhythm of the track, it’s definitely another side to the same coin.

Joker, in a rare move, is actually the one with the more distorted bass here. In Stylust & Outsider’s remix, many of those elements are smoothed out and elongated for a more club-ready experience; though, this tune could really fill up any space with ease.

Whatever your flavor preference, there’s enough bass to go around. Check out the remix from Stylust & Outsider below, and click for your free download if you’re digging it.

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