Your EDM Premiere: Doctrine – Block Hugger [Ram Records]

Unless you live under a metaphorical moss-covered boulder in the middle of a secluded forest, you’re familiar with the man known as Doctrine. Gaining international worldwide recognition more recently than ever, the European producer zeroes in on his second release on Ram Records, a double-sided dutty smash out of a single, featuring “Block Hugger” and “Parabol.” As the drum and bass culture diverges onto the signature sounds of Doctrine, don’t expect any signs of stagnation for this impeccable producer.

“Block Hugger” shifts from malignantly musical chords to an abruptly attached amen break, that quickly dives into a build up curated from the depths of his deepest creative prowesses. Before long, users are quickly side swiped by this dark banger from the legend himself. Boom!

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