Your EDM Premiere: Cookie Monsta – Xterminate [Circus Records]

It’s been nearly a near since Cookie Monsta last graced Circus Records with a new track, but he’s certainly back with a vengeance with his new track “Xterminate.”

Heavily inspired by old horror movies, including various vocal and FX samples, “Xterminate” is about as heavy and destructive as anything you might expect to come from Cookie. The tempo is slow and deliberate, almost as if trying to convey the feeling of some terrifying monster chasing after you with nefarious dedication.

All of the subtle effects, samples, and heavy bass combine to create one wholly horrifying and deadly musical experience. Check out “Xterminate” below, and read on for a brief Q&A with Cookie!

So it’s basically been a year since you’ve released with Circus. How does it feel to essentially “come home”? How does releasing on Circus differ from any other label?

It’s always good to get my Circus tracks out there, I feel like I know the fan base as old friends, we’ve been through a lot together.

You call upon a lot of old, lesser-known horror movies for “Xterminate.” Where did that idea come from? Are you a big horror buff?

I love 60s sci fi, b-movie kind of stuff. Growing up in England means you literally live and breath Doctor Who and the Daleks, which is where the ‘Xterminate’ thing comes from, it’s peak 60s uk tv sci fi.

Will you continue the horror theme with any more tracks, or was this just an idea that was fun to play around with?

That would be telling…

Even with my basic home speakers, I’m afraid I’m going to blow them out with how filthy this track is. Do you have insurance on your studio equipment?

Mans got gold cover.

As one of the top dubstep producers in the scene, what are you looking to create when going in to make a track?

I just want to make people dance, that’s what I do in the studio, I just make something I want to dance around the studio too… I’ve got to have that vibe.

Conversely, what are you looking for in a track that you might play out at a gig?

Same kind of thing, it’s got to be fun… You know I love a wobble.

Any more big plans in the works for 2018 you want to let the fans know about?

Lots of big festival shows through summer, lots of huge back to backs with my boys FuntCase, Doctor P, Flux Pavilion and 12th Planet. Got a few new tunes I’m testing out too.


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