Your EDM Premiere: Childish Gambino – This Is America [Patrick Reza Remix]

I’ve already received about a dozen submissions for remixes of Childish Gambino’s latest cultural hit, “This Is America,” since it came out 9 days ago. And predictably, I’ve been holding off on featuring any of them until a truly great one came through. Thankfully, it wasn’t long until Patrick Reza reached out with this creative and true-to-character remix that not only refrains from bastardizing the original, but actually embellishes upon it.

It’s always a bit harder to create a remix without the stems to work from, but Reza manages to effectively capitalize on Childish’s method of juxtaposing the kind of innocent vocals with a darker, more textured drop. The vocals are still kept intact for the most part, so that the remix doesn’t detract at all from the message of the original.

There are probably plenty of people who were in the “no remixes” camp when “This Is America” first dropped, but inevitably they will come. You just have to highlight the good ones. Check out Patrick Reza’s remix below, and download it .

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