Young Scooter Enlists Fellow ATLiens Future & Young Thug For 'Trippple Cross': Premiere

On the heels his summer '17 mixtape, Jugg King, Young Scooter returns with a couple Atlanta superstars at his disposal to put the hip-hop community on notice. Scooter connects with compatriots Young Thug and Future on the Billboard-premiered “Trippple Cross” (Feb. 7). The 31-year-old has collaborated with the Super Slimey artists on numerous occasions, and their favorable chemistry oozes out this trap-infested record. 

The ATL native spoke exclusively to Billboard about his definition a triple cross, “An example being triple crossed is if me, you, and another person rob a bank and split a million dollars three ways. If we pull f and switch cars but then we pull over to get gas and I tell you, 'Go in to pay for the gas,' and I pull f wit the money, you've been triple crossed,” Scooter explained. 

“But there's a thousand other ways to be triple crossed — it's not only in the streets. Businesses triple cross each other everyday.”

The Black Migo Gang artist revealed that he has another project on the way, coming later this month. Young Scooter seems to have a point he wants to convey, as the street-influenced project will also be titled, Trippple Cross. The upcoming body work will release on Feb. 23 and see additional features from Thugger, Future and NBA YoungBoy.

“I made Trippple Cross the name the project, because that's what's going on in the streets right now and I make my music f the vibe the streets; that's where my music's super big at,” says Scooter. “It's important for me to keep working with Thug and Future because they're behind me a 1,000 percent. I've been with Future since we were kids, before rap.”

He adds: “Me and Slime met in the streets when I was like 17, 18. His music has always been big in the city; he just didn't have that major push but now he done took f,” detailed the Street Lottery artist. “It’s good, but at the end the day ever since I did my first tape, he's been on every one them. Plus, we're in the studio everyday together, us three #TRIPPPLECROSSKINGS.”

Give the layered “Trippple Cross” a listen and check out the project's tracklist below.

Trippple Cross Track List

1. “Bread crumbs” Feat. Future
2. “Do It Big” Feat. Future 
3. “Zone 6 Took Da Rap Game” 
4. “Drug Deals” 
5. “Play Wit Millions” Feat. Young Thug
6. “I Know” 
7. “Trippple Cross” Feat. Future & Young Thug
8. “Plug Lingo” 
9. “Both Sides” Feat. Future & Young Thug 
10. “Real Talk” Feat. Future 
11. “Dirty World” 
12. “Bail Out” Feat. NBA YoungBoy 
13. “Death row” 
14. Bonus Track: “Jugg King”

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