Young Buck on 50 Cent’s Continued Efforts to ‘Discredit’ Him: ‘You Trying to Ja Rule Me Too?’

“I don’t know what I did to dude to make him actually wanna see me not feed my children and stuff like that,” Buck said, as seen above. “50’s his own person and stuff like that but I wouldn’t ever wish death or wanna not see him be able to feed his family.”

Per Buck, while he and 50 have “had our misunderstandings,” his former G-Unit collaborator has gone above and beyond to “discredit” him.

“It’s just like, you’re rich, my man. You’re still doing your thing,” Buck said. “I love your TV show Power, you know what I mean? Why are you doing this to me? We were once brothers.”

Buck concedes that he’s “made mistakes” in his and 50’s relationship, though nothing, from his perspective, that should warrant someone trying to “take food out of your mouth or stop you from eating.” At this point, Buck referenced 50’s well-documents issues with Ja Rule.