You Will Need Time To Process And Digest “The Process” From Gill Stackz To Get Closer To His Truth

If you are a hip-hop fan, you definitely have a special feeling for the ’60s, and 70’s as the genre really flourished and started its path into becoming something for the wider audience. Right a decade before hip-hop became mainstream (the 80s), the Washington DC famous, signature Gogo rap started taking the industry by fire. Those were the days of OG rap when the old school was on the hype and broke through the underground, becoming mainstream in the ’80s and 90’s. 90’s rap is a totally different story full of the names that every hip-hop enthusiast and music lovers all over the world recognize and love. However, those days of rap are long gone, and the new school has taken over the industry.

Innovation is always good as it brings new spirit and enthusiasm, but still those who love old school struggle to accept hip-hop reality filled with mumble during the last decade. Washington D.C born rapper Gill $tackz brings back that old school sound to the native genre lovers with his new release “The Process.” The track is a mixture of two subgenres the old school lovers lose their minds over. Those subgenres are the above mentioned Gago rap from the ’60s and ’70s and the 90s rap we all know. 

Gill $tackz puts his truth into “The Process,” exposing himself and his depths as the artist creates a meditation of its own. The track starts with nerve caressing electric guitar tunes and soon emerges into an atmospheric beat. The artist uses urban, poetic lyricism in flawless wordplays to share his take on reality, throwing at us the harsh truth unapologetically. His sincere attitude and the rapping mannerism make “The Process” an intimate process we have to digest to see the depth of the message he shares with us.

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