You Probably Shouldn’t Watch This If You’re Having Baby Fever

Beauty Blogging is all the rage in the toddler community these days. Young kids who watch their parents record their beauty videos have taken their talents to the camera as well.

2-year-old Jayde Kamille is one the most famous toddler bloggers who’s no stranger to going viral. But her recent hair tutorial will have you wanting a baby girl your own — immediately.


Jayde’s old soul mannerisms and mature conversation makes it hard sometimes to believe that you’re watching a 2-year-old versus a teen. Hence the reason why she’s already a star in her own right. Remember the time she had “Salon Talk” with her mom, which helped get the entire family featured on shows like Good Morning America.


Baby Jayde is such a national treasure that watching her videos will have you planning vlogs for you and your future daughter. Hit the flip for more Jayde cuteness.

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