YesJulz Plans Countersuit Against Ye, Says She Tried to Contact Him to Prevent It

Because of that, Julz said that she would take legal action but warned she didn’t want to press charges by reaching out to Ye to figure things out. Since nothing happened, Julz was forced to continue taking serious legal action. 

“By the way – i reached out to every mutual friend i could think of urging them to have @kanyewest call me so i wouldn’t have to move forward with a countersuit I assume everyone is too pussy to address him about this so this is my last attempt before i take action,” she said before taking aim at Yiannopoulos. “I gave everyone over a week to do the right thing and fire this pedo, pay me for my completed work and drop the nonsense intent to arbitrate. Even asked everyone in a text if this was real because the way Milo wrote it was so damn laughable.”