Yeezy Taught Us: 7 Times Kanye West Reminded Us To Love Ourselves

People get so caught up in the hoax, er, hype Valentine’s Day that self love should precede the love you give others.

In American society, putting yourself first or even talking about yourself in a positive light comes f as cocky or conceited. But folks like Kanye West have been trying to show us for years that although openly loving yourself will bring haters, it’ll also teach the world how to treat you.

Just listen to Ye’s first line on Rhymefest’s 2006 track “Brand New.” It was enough to make us all reevaluate our self esteem:

And his passive aggressive third verse in All Falls Down helped you realize that this man isn’t a pompous jerk, he just loves himself so much that he isn’t afraid to be vulnerable.

Hit the flip for more time Yeezus reminded us to love ourselves. You’re welcome.

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