YBN Nahmir's High School Principal Blocks Him From Attending Graduation

The principal at Clay-Chalkville High School doesn’t want YBN Nahmir present when the senior class celebrates their Graduation today (May 24th). YBN Nahmir has on occasion had to remove himself from school when passing through the halls seemed untenable. He is however proud of his accomplishment and hopeful he can share the occasion with his peers. As Nahmir puts it, he is but a few credits short of completion, and will make up the balance, after the very same principal had promised to mail his diploma a week after the ceremony.

YBN Nahmir voiced his frustration in an Instagram story in which he wrote a message urging fans to mount pressure on the administration. Nahmir claims he took time off his tour to realize his dream of “walking across the graduation stage.” YBN Nahmir asked fans to use the hashtag #LetNahmirWalk to help mount pressure. I guess the idea is that if enough people support his cause, his principal will either be pushed into a no-win situation or he will finally see the cruel nature of his decision. Should he garner approval, Nahmir will be able to say he launched a successful rap career and lived a normal teenager’s life all in the same space of time.

Best of luck.

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