Yasiin Bey Freestyles Over “Like That” Beat and Talks ‘Petty Big 3’

At the time, he also predicted that the collapse of Drake’s career was forthcoming, saying, “What happens when this thing collapses? What happens when the columns start buckling? Are we not in some early stage of that at this present hour? Are we seeing the collapse of an empire?” (Seriously, is he psychic?)

After endless social media discourse and Drake issuing his own responses, Bey walked back his comments in January with a nearly 26-minute video on his Instagram account telling Drake that he doesn’t “hate” anyone.

“My opinion is mine. It’s legal in all states, as far as I’m aware. It was not an opportunity to try to slander him, or to clown on him. I have reached out to him, I have no responses yet,” Bey said on his IG. “I’m not keen to talk about people or to them through a screen, I prefer to talk to people directly. But I will say this. The young man is very talented, he’s been able to be very successful with that talent, and I have no issue with his success or anything that he’s been able to achieve as a result of his talent.”